Sunday, July 19, 2015

I Sinceriously Love Crop Tops...

Crop top season is here so the time to don one is upon you. In recent light of a major magazine's blunder in which it was said that you should only wear a crop top if you have a flat stomach I am seriously sick of random irrelevant people policing women's bodies. They are making it seem as if they're the be all and end all when it comes to fashion. I wonder how they fathom that a woman with a bit of a belly cannot pull off a crop top. Its not that hard! All she'll need is a crop top, some bottoms and she's set! So damn annoying!

 To combat all of the negativity I decided to wear my shirt from Arrow's Stephen Amell Sinceriously campaign. I was really excited to wear this as I had not a chance to before or anything to wear it with. The shirt was tighter around the tummy than I liked so I folded it under the words to make a cute crop. Pairing it with my camo jacket and booties from Primark I inadvertently created a GabiFresh style capture. I quite happy about that because I absolutely love Gabi. Her style is so much like mine since we both gravitate to more street looks. 

I kinda like when I put on an outfit that captures a favorite blogger. It makes me feel like I'm not still a kid playing dress up but I'm actually learning the rules from the pros as to how to actually put together and wear clothing. 

Jacket-Primark| Shirt-Stephen Amell's Sinceriously Campaign| Jeans-Newlook| Booties-Primark| Glasses-Primark| Belt-Newlook| Necklace/rings/lippy(Pink Berry)-Poundshop| Earrings-My own

Its amazing how influential some people are. Take my top for an instance. Stephen Amell created the word sinceriously. Then he began a campaign to benefit the charities Stand for the Silent & Paws and Stripes. The reason I bought it was to support a favorite actor's charity and in return feel good about helping someone  I'd never have or will meet. By doing this I unknowingly represented what the word sinceriously means: To initiate any action while spreading as much good karma as possible. I never would have thought of to donate to those charities but through him I did. Since the other definition for sinceriously is 'The ability to speak freely, openly and honestly about anything'  I sinceriously feel good about that.

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  1. Loving the look as usual, very well put together. I also love the combination of colors.

  2. Loving the look as usual, very well put together. I must say I love the color combination and the way it complements your look.


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