Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Pineapple Summer Skirt

Hi guys! Welcome back!

Today I bring to you the ultimate pineapple summer skirt.

Summer is the easiest season for fashion. The hotter the days get the less clothing worn and almost anything goes. No stressing with heavy winter layers leads to more fashion freedom in the hotter days. This is why I love summer so much (minus the heat).

But like Lauren from Style Caster said when its hot the line between staying cool and appropriate isn't always easy. I tried though with this amazing skirt I found on Amazon. This skirt is perfect for the hot days summer brings. It's pineapple print screams summer and I love it so much!

There were so many prints to choose from all perfect for almost every season or holiday. I got it in a 3x but unfortunately it was a bit tight around the waist as the skirt has zero stretch. However it was also shorter than I'd like but I can work with the length. I paired this skirt with a simple hunter green tank for the ultimate summer evening look.

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