Saturday, June 20, 2015

Dinner At Carluccio's

Thank the style gods for the little black dress! The ultimate staple and the most flattering garment in the business. Ladies you can never go wrong when wearing a black dress. NO matter the style, if you like it, it will look good on you. I've never felt so sexy before. It feels like an I-could-conquer-the-world kinda sexy. Before I had no idea where and when to wear this dress but when a close friend suggested a get together at a local restaurant called Carluccio's a little cartoon light bulb went on: Dinner at Carluccio's! My inspiration:

If I want to step out on a limb I'd say confidence levels went up a lot, especially when I decided to try a Hepburn-esque look. When I tried the dress on it all came together in my head: classic black and white photos with sultry poses, clip on earrings and a necklace and shoes 'borrowed' from my mother tied together with my best attempt at a pout/smirk/smile. The necklace is a set of faux pearls my mother wore to my high school graduation.  If she sees this post I can hear her screaming my name since I've been withholding their whereabouts for 2 years! Funny thing is I picked them out for her!

I had so much compliments on my look, One woman rushed up to me gasping 'Audrey Hepburn!'. Ha Ha! Thanks random woman, I sure felt very Hepburn-y. I don't think I've ever had so much fun going out for dinner before. The restaurant was really nice, not too cold, not too warm and the food was quite good as well.
Dress: similar| Shoes: similar| Hat: similar| Necklace: similar

I shot these pictures while waiting for my chronically late friend. I wanted to do the whole post in black in white but I couldn't decide so thought it would be best to mix it. Maybe some other time. The dress is from Boohoo in a UK22 and is made with a stretchy jersey fabric and it hits below the knee on me (midcalf on shorter girls) with an off the shoulder neckline. My shades are from Primark and they're my favorite to date and the only 'oversized' ones I found that I like. This hat is from ASOS but it was a long time ago that I got it so unfortunately its sold out.

Pretty huh?

Thinking back maybe lower shoes or flats would have been better to wear. I can't walk very long in heels before my feet starts to cramp. I'm also thinking I should add I might have been a tad bit overdressed.

I'm sorry if the pictures seem all over the place. I really couldn't decide on color or black and white. Which do you like?

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