Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Never would you have heard a woman 5'5" and a size 24 being signed as a model. But guess what  Tess Munster is and she is the first plus size model for MiLK Model Management ! I am beyond words to describe how happy this wonderful news have made me and I'm sure other plus size women out there. There is someone in the fashion industry that looks like and represents us, yayy! I have waited for something like this forever. I now see that my dreams of being a plus size model was not far fetched. I am happy and excited to see what amazingness is in store for Miss Munster.

Plus Size On The Rise baby!

Monday, January 26, 2015


Even at this point in my life I am not sure what my style is. I am sort of drifting from here to there getting inspired by pieces or not at all. I think that is what style is about anyway. A momentary flight of fancy or a strong hatred for something. In the end you’ll find something that speaks to you and make it all your own.

I have always liked the idea of being a fashion consultant. I do not know exactly what I like to see on my own body (although I have some idea) but I’ve always loved helping my friends and family find unique pieces for their outfits. There is always a deep sense of satisfaction I get when I see them look excited wear something I helped them choose. All in a day’s work, amirite?

Trisha x

Post Fall Blues

I'm feeling the winter on my doorstep and after many days of wanting it to not come I am actually looking forward to the lush white snow. Keeping to my usual floral looks I'm loving this dress. It's so flowy and versatile that I am tempted to wear it everyday. Its thinnish and is made from jersey fabric, best suited for summer but with a nice coat and thick tights it will work amazing for winter as well. The dress is quite longish on me (I'm 5'5") so I used a belt to hold it in place and to make the dress a little shorter.

Dress- Boohoo | Leggings- Primark | Bag- thrifted | Belt- Primark | Jewelry- thrifted

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bangin' Accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Finding the right one that's cute AND channels your inner fashion goddess isn't all that hard either. If you're tight on cash make sure to hit up your local charity/thrift stores and I'm sure you'll find amazing one of a kind pieces there. Have an elderly relative that have a lot of jewelry from their younger days and is willing to lend/give? Check them out too! You might just find a cute vintage piece no one else  will have. Also if you have a cash to spare check out Etsy.

Etsy is an online selling platform that hosts lots of indie businesses that sells amazing stuff. Here are a few of my favorite Etsy stores for jewelry. Give them a look see! :







Have fun and happy shopping!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bright Pink, Chilly Day

 Top- Primark | Jeans- Ebay (sold out) | Shoes- Primark | Belt- Newlook | Jewellry- thrifted
You can't tell but it is sooo cold! Don't let the sunlight above fool you!

Bright pink was always a favourite color of mine. When I saw this top I immediately got excited and had to get it. What I love the most is the pleated sides and the loose and floaty sleeves. So fairy like! The top have no stretch and is a bit snug but I like it like this. This is a pair of jeans I got from an Ebay shop. It fits very snugly and I should have sized up in this.

This belt is the diggity! It's black with gold zipper detailing and I got it from Newlook on sale! The size is 22/24 and it fits perfectly!

Fun Fact: I was holding my breath in these photos. It was very cold and I didn't want my breath to show up in the pics. Ha.Ha

Friday, January 9, 2015

Chilly Daze

The temperature has dropped low enough to wear coats now. I couldn't wait to finally wear this cutie I got from Everything5Pounds. I talked about it in a previous post. It's a light golden color that's perfect for winter time. Also it is short enough to reach mid thigh and long enough to cover the back of my dress which I am happy about. It's made from a silky material that have no stretch and is in a UK size 18. Also although the coat itself is quite thin, it still is reasonably warm.

The dress is from UK brand Primark and in a size 20. This have no stretch as well and comes to about mid thigh. It is so cute with its rust, blue, grey and white plaid/checkered print perfect for those last days before true cold hits.

These shoes were purchased from Everything 5 Pounds a while back when they were on the site.  I am not usually a heel girl but these make me want to walk everywhere. So comfortable!

Coat (sold out)- E5P | Dress-Primark | Tights- ASOS | Shoes- E5P (S/O) | Necklace- Thrifted | Belt- Primark | Lip- Here

Perks of wearing this is that the dress isn't too flimsy but if it was the coat, though thinnish, is still heavy enough to hold it down. So no Marilyn Monroe moments!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Finding My Niche

I never saw my body as a problem or something to be fixed. I would want to lose weight for second but after that second had past I would go right back to not noticing, or in some cases caring what I looked like. As a child I knew that being fat was unfavourable and that no matter how small my waist was my thighs had always made my body look fatter. I always had wide hips and big legs, some which I was told I had inherited from a great-great-great dead relative and because of familial genes. But that should be a good thing right, to resemble a distant family member? Nah. Nope. Not if it means you’ll be fat.

Fashion and style was never something I was good at or interested in for a very long time. I never knew what colours work best with my skin tone or what styles would be most flattering to my shape. I was never the girl with the cutest clothes because clothes and what they looked like never meant anything to me. I recall watching Fashion Week highlights on YouTube one day and thinking to myself ‘I want to be a model’. Unfortunately I was (and still is) way too fat for mainstream modelling. So with this revelation I decided to forever look away from fashion because I saw it as something unattainable and only for small bodies.

I never hated my body but unfortunately I was indifferent to it for a lot of my life. I think the reason for not hating was because although plus size fashion was unheard of I was always surrounded by women who loved their bodies. They didn’t come out and announce it but they showed it in ways loud and bold enough that I, an unsuspecting young woman noticed. There would be the loud prints and daring cuts and colours that I would have never thought of to wear and looking back now I think it had subconsciously made an imprint on me. The women in my life never cared about what others thought of them they just did and wore what made them comfortable. My ‘style’ now consists of clothing I feel are darish and represents me as a person. Whether it be goth-inspired or bohemian it always says me and that is what I want.

 I am thankful for the popularity of blogging because I feel like without this I would have never known about the wonderful plus size bloggers and models that are taking the world by storm. Their style, creativity and confidence blew me away and opened my mind to a world I had deemed unattainable. I am not a fashion guru or anything. And although I spend hours reading fashion magazines and browsing fashion blogs I am by no means an expert at this. But I want to be better at it than I was last year. I want to access a part of this formerly unattainable thing called plus size fashion or what I like to simply call fashion, and see what part of it I can open up and explore for myself. I want to say thanks in writing to the people who helped open my eyes. Those who helped me to love my body as it is and to celebrate it no matter what. So this is what this blog is for. A celebration of something I chose to ignore for almost half of my life and to show it and myself that I am worthy of style and attention. Keep lovely!

x Trisha x

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Winter Floral

Coat- Roman (similar) Top- Elvi Jeggings- Ebay Shoes- Primark Necklace- thrifted

 Brrr! The cold has finally set in and the days are much shorter. Which, in this case, means thicker clothes and more layers and that's where this lovely coat by Roman comes in. This is in the size XXL and it is a bit roomier than I would like. It would be better to size down a bit for a more fitted took. The coat is thick with out being over heavy and the faux leather detailing and buttons keeps it interesting. Floral prints are a must have for me during colder days. It helps me to stray away from monochromatic-ness and keep my outfits more interesting and vibrant. This top is quite versatile since it is long enough to cover my tummy but short enough to be worn as a crop top.

Ebay has become my good friend when looking for clothes or significant pieces. I usually find some good things at reasonable prices. If you don't want to pay extremely high prices for certain things Ebay can be your best bet at finding it for cheap or cheaper. I bought these jeggings a while ago from Ebay and though I had to size up they fit very nicely. The leg isn't very tight as I find with most jeggings and the waist comes up to a good height.