Sunday, July 26, 2015

OOTD: Blues

OUTFIT DEETS: Shirt/Jacket- Primark| Jeans/Belt-Newlook| Shoes/Bag-E5P (SOLD OUT)| Glasses/Earrings- Ebay| Lipstick-Poundland
 Hi Guys! This is just a quick OOTD I wanted to share with you before I go radio silent for a few days. I am moving house at the moment and it is so hectic right now! The boxes and suitcases are stack high up one of my bedroom walls and the kitchen counter is littered with pots and pans. The saddest thing is I have to transport all of this by train. I can just hear the grumpy mutters and stares next Wednesday. I am NOT looking forward to that. But on the (very) bright side I wore my Primark jacket today since it wasn't very warm. Finally got to wear it as I wanted to for ages!  I got it after spring but it was already too hot to wear it. I opted for all black so the colors could clash a bit and finally used my suede box bag to finish the outfit.

Here's a fun fact: I don't wear makeup. I know, I know some people might argue that mascara and lipstick are makeup but what I mean is that the foundation, concealer like stuff I don't wear. I would use a bit of eyeshadow when I'm feeling it but not all the time. Instead I try to moisturize as often as I can remember or just waste numerous hours watching other women expertly apply makeup (What sorcery is that?). I do love lipstick though and only just started wearing it....this year. I'm wearing my favorite Poundland one in Black Cherry but the thing is I am wearing a tinted lip gloss underneath. Yup, you read that right. I found out one day that my lipstick lasts longer if I put the lipstick over the gloss and it looks better (to me). Anyway who's to say how its actually supposed to be worn? HaHa.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful look. I love the floral feature of the jacket and would totally wear it, except everyone keeps telling me floral is for the elderly folk. I've also tried that trick with the lip gloss and lip stick, and it works pretty well.

    1. I used tontjkmk the same thing but I just fell in love. Now most everything I wear is floral printed.

    2. I used to think the same thing but now I buy most things in floral print.


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