Saturday, July 30, 2016

3 Essentials To Survive A Turks and Caicos Summer

 If you live in the Turks and Caicos you know the summer months can be brutal. That period between May and October can be the hottest and the country swelters under the heavy heat and humidity. As of late it just seems to get worst. Living here can be a battle during this time if you're unprepared even if you're a local. Now if you don't live here and are not used to crazy high levels of heat here are a few things you will need to survive a Turks and Caicos summer.

Survival Tip 1: SUNSCREEN!!!

  • Like you would anywhere you must have sunscreen. Any kind you normally use should be fine but since I stared wearing sunscreen I found that Vaseline Healthy Sunblock feels the best on. It isn't greasy so you won't be sweating buckets while enjoying the sun. It is a common misconception that us brown folks don't need to protect our skin from the sun rays but I urge you to go the way of applying. It help to prevent skin related cancers and slows down the appearance of aging.

Survival Tip 2: Mosquito and Sand Fly Repellent

Oh Yes!! This is the holy grail of essential needs. Unfortunately, like most tropical places mosquitoes and sand flies are common pests. They are usually very active during the summer months and can get worst as the summer goes on. Sand flies are the very tiny 'flies' that comes out when there is no wind blowing. The come in swarms and can hurt a lot when they bite. They are considered worst than mosquitoes in the Turks and Caicos because the are not usually seen but felt. The locals use a variety of repellents for these from burning mosquito coils, bug spray, 'tallow',(waxy like substance found on the beach) wood smoke and baby oil (yup, you read right). These are very effective when you are in an enclosed space but can be rendered useless. Now you might be wondering what the baby oil is for. Well it is sed as a combatant against he sand flies. When applied they 'stick' to the oil and therefore don't 'bite' you. (Genius huh?) Now I don't have a fave repellent since I am quite used to them but I would recommend a spray or lotion like OFF!  with aloe  to help with itching and keep them away.

Survival Tip 3: Mini fan! Mini fan! Mini fan!

Your ultimate lifesaver. The don dada of armor against a Turks and Caicos summer. You don't even need a fancy one. Just one that runs on battery for easy portability. This will come in handy for many reasons. One of which includes your fight against the heat. You can find them almost anywhere and for very cheap

Now that you are armed all that's left is to enjoy the glorious weather!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Playful But Serious

This is part two of my brothers graduation and I had to find the perfect skirt. When I saw this on ASOS I just had to have it. The colors are superb and very bright. Its bodycon fit and falls below my knees for that perfect fit. I wore a white top with gold studs to help tone down the colors. The top had side splits so I tucked the front in and left the back out to give the outfit a playful feel in the back and a more put together look in the front.

With this I wore simple gold hoop earrings and bracelets and a grid print bucket bag. By wearing black flats I had ease of movement which was needed since there was a lot of walking and standing that day.

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