Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Year, New Blog (ger)

Well, hello my lovelies! I am back again after my insanely long break. 5 months! I was so caught up with being finish with uni and classes that I took a much needed break. I missed you guys so much! Oh and Happy New Year!

I'm back now with a vengeance and I'm not planning any breaks anytime soon. Just to catch you up with everything, since I'm fresh out of school working is on my mind. Since the new year came in I'm looking forward to expanding this blog and upping my online presence. I'm also big on recycling parts of my previous outfits. With me still in the throes of student-nitis I have taken to shopping my closet instead.

The most major thing to happen to me was moving. I'm back home ( Turks and Caicos) now!! I get to see my family everyday, hang out with my fur babies AND got a new fur baby for Christmas! Her name is Rumpel and she's an absolute cutie!

I'm quite busy planning cool new things for this space, its going to be lots of fun! My goals for this year is a more hands on online presence, better constructed posts,  and figuring out SEO (oh my!).

I'm really excited to begin afresh and I have so much cool things to show you guys! Keep watching this space and let's have fun together!