Tuesday, June 28, 2016


A major congrats to my baby brother on his graduation and giving me the opportunity to wear such a gorgeous dress! I've been waiting for a reason to wear this dress for almost 10 years. Yes you read right, 10 years. It was originally my mother's but she didn't like the top so to me it went. I can remember it was bought at Ross during a summer trip. The wondrous thing is that it still fits like a dream after all that time. The top of the dress is quite snug so to wear a bra was futile and it had enough support to keep the girls in place. I noticed however is that probably since it was down for so long it had a lot of glitter loosing off which resulted in me looking like fairy upchuck (lol!). At the moment I cannot wear anything with heels, or straps...or cute so I opted to wear a pair of black and gold ballet flats from New Look. I kept the jewellery simple by just wearing small gold earrings, a gold necklace and some gold bangles.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Daisy Mania

                                                                    Dress: Asos Newlook
                                                                    Bag: Primark
                                                                    Belt: Primark
                                                                    Earrings: Thrifted

Damn, Trisha, back at it again huh? It was a loooong time since I did an outfit post and when I got this gorgeous dress from Asos by Newlook I just had to show you guys. I know the pics aren't that great but my camera is on its way so please bear with me.  The thing I love most about this dress is the print. It has tiny daisies all over and a lovely lace v-neckline that really accentuates my buxom self. The sleeveless style and above knee cut is perfect for this unrelenting heat wave Turks and Caicos seems to be having, so I get to be cool and look cute.

I bought this dress in a size 24 and it was too big in the top so I used a skinny belt to kinda hold it together and give it some shape.

Wearing a bright orange lip color makes it perfect for the coming summer and adds a fun pop of color. I added some cute large silver earrings to accentuate my twist out.

I wore this dress on a night out and it held up pretty well despite the under slip bunching.