Friday, February 27, 2015

Blues and Greens

I haven't done an outfit post in a while. I finally got my camera to work so now I can take fancy pics of myself hehe. Today's outfit has been brewing in my mind for a while. I was wondering if I can get away with wearing a whole lotta green today. The top is darker than the bottom so in my mind that makes for a good balance. Right?

Top- Primark| Jeans- SimplyBe| Booties-E5P(gifted)| Sunglasses- Ebay
I was feeling a pop  of color so I went with blue booties to match the blue stripes in the top. These are a Christmas gift from the bestie and they fit so well. They are from Everything 5pounds and are not on the site anymore.

The lippy is an experiment in finding cheap makeup that I like from drugstores and Poundland that I would want to wear all the time. Its from Poundland. Its called Black Cherry and it makes me look all sultry and whatnot. I completed the outfit by accessorizing with gold bracelets and earrings and the cutest sunglasses.

Note: A friend told me once that I do weird things with my hands in photos and looking at these photos, I agree. I apologize.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Ebay Shopper:Tips and Shops

I am sure you guys are familiar with shopping on Ebay. Although it can be a hit and miss its also where I do most of my shopping. With the added bonus of PayPal's buying security Ebay is my favourite one stop shop. Its like my Google for stuff I find EVERYTHING there...including clothing. As you may well know Ebay is a great place to find one-of-a-kind clothing.

If you're the kind to spend hours browsing sites and haven't tried Ebay for plus size clothing before now is a good time. With the recent boom in plus size fashion it has become an even better spot to find plus size clothing. Although it might seem easy, there are a few cautions to be taken. To make it easier I have listed a few do's and don't to help.

1. Do: Always choose stores that are reputable

This one goes without saying of course. Look for the stars, the feedback and probably most important: read the reviews!


 Just like any other site these little snippets are a great way to find out more about a piece you are not sure about.

2. Don't: Wing it

If it says plus size don't take their word for it check their sizing charts. Just like any other shop this can help with knowing exactly what you're buying. I have fallen into this trap one time too many and had the ill fitting size 20 too many times to mention. Sometimes the retailer might show that their shop is situated in YOUR country but their clothing might come from another country with major clothing size differences e.g China. So check and check again. Contact the seller for exact measurements if you're still not sure.

3. Do: State what you're looking for

I hate sounding like I'm preaching to the choir but when shopping on Ebay for plus sizes state exactly what you're looking for. This can be done by style or type of clothing, even color just be hella specific. For the purpose of an example we'll use peplum. Its much easier to find the article of clothing in the specific style you want by simply stating the style. This gives you more hits and you'll have a better chance of finding what you want.
You'll get all of the items listed with a peplum style and from there you can narrow it down. There are two ways to do this. You can either type in peplum and the size you're looking for

or you can with a specific search with Ebay's 'see all' option.This gives you the opportunity to target specific things like where you want your search to include and how far and what item you're looking for e.g dress, top and most importantly the size.

Now that you have the hang of finding what you're looking for let me help you out with a few sellers that I have bought from.

    • Rough and Tough Wear-Don't let the name be off putting. I have bought a few stylish jeans from here although I would suggest sizing up for comfort.
    • ran1210- Really good place for men clothing and to find that perfect flannel shirt that won't cost the universe. Also great for ladies who want to find nice clothing and a nice flannel shirt that won't cost the universe..also.
    • curvilicious11- Amazing shop for bargain plus items! The size and clothing options are great too (goes up to size 32) and although the sizing can be off just utilize tip two and you'll be fine.
Happy Shopping!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

My short response to: 'Are Big Girls too “Picky”? by CeCe from PlusSizePrincess

"Over time I realized that waiting until I reached to a certain weight to buy nice clothes is a form of body shaming myself."

This is a line in a post by CeCe from PlusSizePrincess (read it here) that I want to talk about for a bit. The post talked about the very false notion that plus size women don't shop. As we fashionistas all know this isn't true. There wouldn't be so many plus size fashion bloggers if it were. The response to the boycotting of Target by blogger Chastity from GarnerStyle is a clear indicator that plus size women do indeed buy clothing. I mean why else boycott an influential clothing retailer, right? But the post also touched on body image and body shaming as factors in the reasons why it might be seen that plus size women don't buy clothing. I agree with the statement above since I myself was victim of this kind of thinking. Before I would create secret boards on Pinterest of clothing I could/would wear if I was 100 pounds lighter. The problem is, and like CeCe pointed out, that its kinda detrimental to do/think this if you're not going to actually lose the weight. Putting off buying something is just as bad as actually spending the money and having it in your closet but not being able to wear it. Everyone deserves to wear beautiful clothing despite your current weight. If there is a nice dress in the store you like and its in your size the best thing would be to buy the dress and wear it. You never know what will happen. The dress might be gone when you go back later or worst it might be discontinued. And if and when you do lose weight you'll still get to wear the lovely dress, just take it to the tailor!

After realizing that I was only hurting myself I began to just buy the clothing I liked and wanted (granted my bank account allows it). The problem I now face is having so much clothing that I don't wear which in itself is still bad but it isn't forgoing something I like because I'm not where I want to be body wise. At some point I'll get around to wearing it and it'll be there. So girl go and buy those clothes and wear the hell outta them. Walk with your head held high, swing those sexy hips and slay anyone who tells you you don't look nice. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Favorite Male Plus Size Fashion Blogs

I've always found that the plus size blogging world to be sorely lacking in its representations of plus size males. With this in mind I have created this blog to look at an area that I am quite familiar with a number of my male family members in the plus range, and do inclusive posts on plus men fashion.
As I've been told by my very fashion conscious brothers (see picture below) everyone wants to look good and the reason doesn't solely rely on body size. The emergence of male bloggers in the fashion community has been extensive with the rise of bloggers such as Gentleman's Brim Kate Loves Me and Mr Porter a men's style inspiration and shopping site. However in my opinion plus size blogs for men are not as prominent but there are blogs with this subject matter. Below are my favourite plus men blogs. Have a look see, follow and/or subscribe!

1. Chubstr- Bruce Sturgell is the mastermind behind this work of genius. This blog was a result of  Bruce's the lack of finding fashionable clothing in his size so he started his own. I browse by here every now and again for inspiration. 

2. William Beave Brooks- Personal stylist and shopper for bigger men.What's not to love, someone with style savvy styling AND shopping for you? His is on Tumblr which means a lot of follower interaction and that you can get some great tips from him and see his answers to questions on specific fashion tips. He also runs a store called Bebow Fashions that is worth checking out.

William Beave Brooks

3. TheBigFashionGuy- This blog is focuses on urban men lifestyle in relation to trends in menswear, fashion design grooming health and fitness. This is run by Michael-Anthony who is an up and coming designer based in Detroit who's specialty is big and tall tailor made fashion. This blog is classy and inspirational especially if you're that suit and tie all the time kinda guy.

My brothers are a valuable source of information about what is going on inside the fashion world for men especially young men. Although they vary in body sizes their styles all lean more towards street styles with a beach comfort added twist.               

My Brothers

My brothers
Believe it or not I get a lot of inspiration from men clothing.The clean cuts of tuxedos and the effortless street and club styles have resulted in 30% of my wardrobe being from the men's section. So there you have it, my favorite plus male blogs. But mind you although there are blogs that cater to bigger men the lack of them in the fashion industry is not easy to miss. 

Disclaimer: I own NONE of these pictures used. All belong to the blogger behind the blogs mentioned being Chubstr's Bruce Sturgell and William Beave Brooks'. All other pictures are mine.