Tuesday, June 30, 2015

6 Best Scents For Summer According To My Brother

When it comes to perfume I can be a bit uppity. Like most I rate perfume based on strength, longevity and color of bottle. I've worn different types of perfume and so far my favorites are the subtly floral, zero musk, slightly herbal scents. A few days ago I went to my local Boots to try out their summer scents. Now this was a good and bad idea. I didn't know that if you inhale perfume, especially different kinds, for too long you can get lightheaded and lose your sense of smell for a few minutes (at least that's what happened to me). I implore you, if you want to try out different perfumes stick to at least three, that way they don't all blend into one. Anyway I endured and came up with five of my favorites. These included men perfume which was a task in it self because I detest men perfume. Its always too strong and makes me sneeze and the bottles tend to be uninteresting. I feel like all of the scents marketed to men smell the same and is overloaded with musk and sandalwood. I wonder who told parfumiers that men like to smell like grass and dirt (sorry guys).

I had to consult my personal cologne guru (my brother) for this one because I have no idea what perfume for men was actually good since I avoided smelling them. He gave me a few suggestions as to what to look for according to what I like and below are his suggestions. Anyway, here are mine and my brother's top picks of best summer scents for men and women (or the ones that didn't make me sneeze as much).

First up L'Eau Di Issey. This perfume is pretty OK. It made the list because it wasn't overbearing and have a light cool scent. It smells slightly fruity which was a plus for me and it lasted a LONG time on my wrist even after I washed it later. The bottle is cute and summery although this doesn't exactly smell like summer to me but its nice and I only sneezed twice (Did not mean to rhyme).

Lovely, lovely scent, I love Far Away Bella by Avon! I've been wearing Avon products all my life and they usually have the most amazing perfumes. Far Away Bella have been around for quite a while for Avon and it was the only one my mother used to buy for me. Its really fruity with a nice powdery after scent. What I love most about this is the perfume smells exactly the way the bottle looks: light, airy, soft, sensual..etc. If you're looking for a perfume that's long-lasting and smells heavenly you need to try this one!

I wouldn't actually be in the perfume section of any store if they didn't stock anything by Marc Jacobs. I am biased yes, but probably because I've been coveting the Lola since forever and a day. Marc Jacobs has the best designer perfume according to my nose. Its always fun and feminine and it makes me think about flower filled meadows. I've never actually smell a flower filled meadow but I imagine it would smell like a Marc Jacob perfume. This one to be exact. I would have chosen the Lola but I am on about summer scents and Lola is a bit fall-ish. This bottle is pretty huh? This brings me to a point I forgot to make in the beginning. I also choose perfume based on the color of the bottle. I always go with purple, red and pink color bottles because I know I will like the scent. This  Daisy Sorbet is soooo nice! Its fruity and a little woodsy with some musk but the fruity and floral notes overpower the musky scents. It really does smell like sorbet! Its also really perfect for summer seduction.

Is it me or does all men perfume come in a blue bottle? Well, any how this was better than the Issey one. Where Issey was kinda fruity Paul Smith Sunshine is more fresh. Now 'fresh' is not a scent I really like because when I think fresh I think straight-outta-the-shower fresh not overbearing alcohol disguised as freshness. But still this was better and it is making me rethink the whole I-don't-like-men-perfume thing. I would consider wearing this even though it doesn't exactly pass my elite perfume selection nostrils' process. I would encourage men to give it a go, or women if you like the scent. I say its nice so, trust me it is.

This Prada perfume was one of the top selections from my brother. He convinced me that this was good and that I would like the fruity almost floral scent. I was quite surprised at the scent it wasn't as fruity as I expected but it was quite pleasant for a musky perfume. It was very strong and took a long while to wash away. This have my vote though.

Lastly I had to include a nice little hidden gem I would have overlooked because she didn't appeal to me. Classic judging a book by its cover or in this case judging a perfume by its ombre bottle. Lovely gem I say. Nice and long-lasting and perfect for a summer barbecue. One thing though wear a little because this is hella strong in my opinion. I originally thought it was going to be musky but Escada Turquoise Summer is anything but. Its very floral and fruity and it smells like a mango and cherry smoothie (again did not mean to rhyme). I am sad to say that I actually like this over *gulps* Daisy Sorbet. I'm sorry, Marc! You'll always be my favorite!

Top tip: According to my brother do not wear spray perfume to the beach. Its best to use oil or oil based ones so it can last longer.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Dinner At Carluccio's

Thank the style gods for the little black dress! The ultimate staple and the most flattering garment in the business. Ladies you can never go wrong when wearing a black dress. NO matter the style, if you like it, it will look good on you. I've never felt so sexy before. It feels like an I-could-conquer-the-world kinda sexy. Before I had no idea where and when to wear this dress but when a close friend suggested a get together at a local restaurant called Carluccio's a little cartoon light bulb went on: Dinner at Carluccio's! My inspiration:

If I want to step out on a limb I'd say confidence levels went up a lot, especially when I decided to try a Hepburn-esque look. When I tried the dress on it all came together in my head: classic black and white photos with sultry poses, clip on earrings and a necklace and shoes 'borrowed' from my mother tied together with my best attempt at a pout/smirk/smile. The necklace is a set of faux pearls my mother wore to my high school graduation.  If she sees this post I can hear her screaming my name since I've been withholding their whereabouts for 2 years! Funny thing is I picked them out for her!

I had so much compliments on my look, One woman rushed up to me gasping 'Audrey Hepburn!'. Ha Ha! Thanks random woman, I sure felt very Hepburn-y. I don't think I've ever had so much fun going out for dinner before. The restaurant was really nice, not too cold, not too warm and the food was quite good as well.
Dress: similar| Shoes: similar| Hat: similar| Necklace: similar

I shot these pictures while waiting for my chronically late friend. I wanted to do the whole post in black in white but I couldn't decide so thought it would be best to mix it. Maybe some other time. The dress is from Boohoo in a UK22 and is made with a stretchy jersey fabric and it hits below the knee on me (midcalf on shorter girls) with an off the shoulder neckline. My shades are from Primark and they're my favorite to date and the only 'oversized' ones I found that I like. This hat is from ASOS but it was a long time ago that I got it so unfortunately its sold out.

Pretty huh?

Thinking back maybe lower shoes or flats would have been better to wear. I can't walk very long in heels before my feet starts to cramp. I'm also thinking I should add I might have been a tad bit overdressed.

I'm sorry if the pictures seem all over the place. I really couldn't decide on color or black and white. Which do you like?

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Red Velvet...Cake

Do you ever feel like you need an excuse to wear something? Or do something? Yeah, me too. I hate and love it because sometimes you'll be thrilled to finally wear that dress, or pants, or shoes and it'll feel like heaven once you have it on. Now you finally have the opportunity to show the world that little extra piece of sexiness you had tuck away for a rainy day.

Before I never like how red looked next to my skin looked. I felt like it made me look drained (probably just me y'know...) so I shied away from it a while but then this outfit came along and I fell in love with red! I learn to break it up some with a lighter color piece and to try play around with different shades in accessories.

This skirt is made from a stretchy velvet-like material with a sheer panel just above the hem. Its from Boohoo and in a UK20. The shirt is from Primark and I wore the pink version in this post. My head scarf is one of many I've diligently thrifted over the years along with the clip on earrings and necklace and bag. I borrowed my shoes from my mother (and by borrowed I once again mean took. She still don't know)

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Wishlist: Memories Boutique Newbridge eShe Necklaces

Summer is almost here! I am looking for my summer jewelry from now since I want to be partying for most of summer and not have to think about my outfits. Memories Boutique have a lot of really cute necklaces in their Newbridge eShe Collection that I thought are so pretty and would look nice with a few maxi dresses. They are on the pricier side though if you are on a tight budget (like me!). I can't seem to stop looking at their website so I thought I would add some of my favorites here as a part of my summer wishlist.

Let me know which ones you like!

     Newbridge eShe Three Toned Necklace                                           Newbridge eShe Silver Floral Statement Necklace

        Newbridge eShe Silver Leaf Necklace                                                      Newbridge eShe Golden Torc Necklace

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Brand To Watch: Konk Apparel

Oh TCI, I'll soon see your face...I can't wait to walk on the warm, white sand and swim in the cool blue ocean.

Speaking of home, I am over excited to see that we have an amazing local fashion brand called Konk! Konk Apparel is a Turks & Caicos clothing and accessories brand with designs inspired by the conch shell, a well-known symbol of the Caribbean. Each piece is also gathered from the Turks and Caicos culture, modern pop culture, and active lifestyle sports such as surfing, kiteboarding and skateboarding. They are a fresh approach to active wear with a nice Turks and Caicos twist, mixing fashion and sensibility with a modern edge. Every piece perfectly reflect the vibrant simplicity of the Turks and Caicos.

 I'm loving the blue top!

I am a serious hat girl so cute snap backs like this is definite yes! (They come in other colors as well!)

 Can't forget your sunglasses. How else are you gonna block out the sun AND look fly as well? Amazing aren't they? Which one is your favorite?

You can follow Konk on Instagram @Konkz | Facebook and Tumblr.

NB: All pictures belong to Konk Apparel.

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