Hi, I am Altrisha Robinson and welcome to my blog! 

This blog is to bring fashionable, affordable clothing to fashion conscious women and men on a budget. I am from the Caribbean, Turks and Caicos to be specific. I started blogging in October 2014 because I was tired of feeling like a frumpy grumpkins and I believe it was the best choice I made! I love coming up with outfit ideas everyday and using my knowledge of fit and color to accentuate curves. Since then I now I pay more attention to what I wear and love to experiment with clothing. I also blog about men's fashion particularly plus size men because I feel like there isn't much blogs out there that cater to them a lot. Sometimes you can find me giving my two cents about a topic that interests me so you can look out for those as well.

I love meeting new people so checkout my social media and come say hi!

Trisha x 

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