Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Star Awards 2017

I had the amazing privilege to attend the 9th Annual Star Awards last Thursday. I was so excited! I had so much fun dressing up and doing my makeup. It was a really magical night for me especially seeing the beautiful dresses and tuxedos. The highlight was however the fashion portion of the night. I was invited to style the models for one of our local designer, Jeritt Williams, newest collection, Emerald Island. I was so honored to be a part of that. Actually this was my first time ever doing one. It was something I've always wanted. The opportunity to work with an amazing and talented designer like Jeritt was a dream come true. Even though I was there to help, the designer was hosting the awards and couldn't really be there to see to everything. So after much guidance I and his protege was left to dress the models and make sure they got to the runway on time and in order. I was never so terrified and excited. I was fretting because I didn't want to mess up and make anyone look bad or one of the models fall on stage (yes that  was a real and valid fear). After the quick change, walk and change again and 8 minutes of elevated heart rates and cold sweats it was done. I had so much fun and would to do that again

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