Friday, July 17, 2015

Whats Wrong With 'Curvy'? Better Yet What's Wrong With Instagram?

I've been seeing around the net that Instagram banned the hashtag 'curvy' and I'm a bit confused. Like what was wrong with it? Did someone use it in a way to hurt someone's feelings so it had to be removed? Why are they banning simple words and not the pornographic shit I haplessly see when  scrolling through Discover. Oh wait! Apparently #curvy was also used so people who have nothing better to do on Instagram could find porn not just to find CURVY women (or things).

Whaaaat? Is this in the same line with the emoticons used in their devil worship that were removed a while back? Still I see no need or reason to ban it. If anything delete the porn accounts. That will solve a lot of problems namely I can get  blessed again and not be worried that I'm sending my soul to hell when I stumble upon a guy who doesn't know to keep his peepee in his pants (God NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT!). And the numerous times I've used #curvy on my pics I don't believe my tits and ass were hanging out in any way to be construed as pornographic.

Many women have spoken up about it many of which you can see in Buzzfeed's article about women responding to the ban. But since Instagram doesn't seem to care at all the lovely women of Instagram  created a new hashtag (Way to go girls!) '#curvee' which is basically the same thing but...without the..y? Anyway it seems like a lot of places are going to be cracking down on simple words for no God given reason so I think we should take some time out of our daily lives to follow the trend of creating new words. Here I'll start: Instagram is ABSOTIVELY bonkers!

What about you? Do you think it should be banned? Comment below!

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