Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Best Adore Me Swimsuit...Ever!

Listen, I am that girl that spends hours scouring the internet for the perfect outfit. I never thought that the place to get the perfect fit for a swimsuit would be Adore Me.

OK, the love started when I was on GlitterandLazers insta. Lord, she was serving such hot summer realness in her suit. All the major thanks to Anna from GlitterandLazers for looking so smashing I had to buy mine! Adore me is a monthly subscription service that offers beautiful sets and separates for around $30-$50.

Guys, like my sister says, I am shooketh! I've known about Adore Me for a while but I've only known them as a site to get the best pretty undies for us budget girls. But swimmies? Inexpensive, gorgeous swimmies? At Adore Me? Nuh uh. But anyways here I am all decked down in what is possibly the prettiest Adore Me swimsuit...ever!

 I am wearing the Evangeline suit in a 2X but it goes up to a 4X which is awesome since that means a lot of us girls can fit it. I love, love, love the colors. It reminds me of Turks and Caicos; dipping in the cool turquoise blue water under the vivid blue sky on a nice summer's day. Man!

The halter design gives the swimsuit a modern and chic look. It has pad inserts for a nice lift in the boobage area but the way my boobies are set up, 'chile I had to remove them. But don't let that deter you. This particular Adore Me swimsuit works just as well if you wear a black strapless bra! I am wearing the strapless butterfly bra from Ashley Stewart and that works perfectly in keeping up the chachas and isn't noticeable at all. It also has the added benefit of a smoother look if that's your goal.

You all need to get this Adore Me swimsuit, I'm not playing. Its fantastic, has an amazing color block design and fits a range if sizes. Hell, I loved it so much I even got it in a diff color!

Let me know in the comments if you've ever used Adore Me. Do you like it?

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Pineapple Summer Skirt

Hi guys! Welcome back!

Today I bring to you the ultimate pineapple summer skirt.

Summer is the easiest season for fashion. The hotter the days get the less clothing worn and almost anything goes. No stressing with heavy winter layers leads to more fashion freedom in the hotter days. This is why I love summer so much (minus the heat).

But like Lauren from Style Caster said when its hot the line between staying cool and appropriate isn't always easy. I tried though with this amazing skirt I found on Amazon. This skirt is perfect for the hot days summer brings. It's pineapple print screams summer and I love it so much!

There were so many prints to choose from all perfect for almost every season or holiday. I got it in a 3x but unfortunately it was a bit tight around the waist as the skirt has zero stretch. However it was also shorter than I'd like but I can work with the length. I paired this skirt with a simple hunter green tank for the ultimate summer evening look.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Carbon Coco Charcoal Teeth Whitener!

Hi guys!

Today I am bringing you a product that I absolutely love! Its the activated charcoal teeth whitener by Carbon Coco. Carbon Coco is an Australian oral health company. I was sent the Ultimate Carbon Teeth Whitening kit which includes the activated charcoal powder, the activated charcoal toothpaste and the toothbrush to use with it.
First off I absolutely thought that the charcoal powder itself would have a scent but nah it doesnt. Secondly I was worried about the taste of the charcoal. I'll say that it is similar to sodium bicarbonate but it does leave a weird aftertaste. After my inspection of everything (I am skeptical by nature) I decided to  give it a go.

I followed the steps to achieve the best results. First I wet the brush that came with the kit. This brush is the softeat toothbrush I've ever used. I'm not sure if that was a good or bad thing.

Next I dipped the brush into the charcoal. Next came the fun part. I brushed as I normally would for about three minutes.

During this I was reminded of a time when my mom used to brush our teeth with the ash from the fire hearth. She always said that it was good for our teeth. According to Carbon Coco it is an alternative to oral health care so along with my mother's  sage wisdom I am sure this charcoal product will work. Now guys, I never expected to actually enjoy seeing my teeth go black and I was like a little kid in a toy store.

After I rinsed out the charcoal I used a bit of the charcoal toothpaste. This toothpaste will help to keep your breath fresh with out and harmful chemicals or additives. It was nice! It wants overpowering like other brands of toothpaste but a mild minty spearmint, which I really liked.  It left my breath on point as the young people say. Ready to go show off my new smile and give some smooches (jk).
 Using this kit was a great experience. There were a few things I didn't really expect such as the charcoal giving an aftertaste, how much times I had to rinse to get it out AND the fact that if you're not careful you can get it EVERYWHERE and its kinda hard to get it out. But other than those things, amazing product!
I will be using Carbon Charcoal Teeth Whitener for the recommended amount of time to see if it works for me. Fingers crossed!
But wait!
There's more!
Before you go let me leave you with a pic of my reaction:

Me experiencing the aftertaste.
So yea people really into taking care of your teeth, if you've ever thought about using a charcoal teeth whitener go ahead and get Carbon Coco's. This product uses 100% natural ingredients so you'll be one step closer to a white smile with no nasties.

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