Monday, February 5, 2018

A Curvy Valentine with Keke's Budget Kloset

Guess who is back with another post? This girl! For this post I've teamed up with fellow curvy blogger Keke from Keke' Budget Kloset to bring you guys our looks for Valentine.
 Guys...I am obsessed with Keke's style. She is always so elegant and I'm still hunting for the pink skirt she wore in this post. What I love most, as a frugal girl myself, is when I find great bargains on my favorite sites and she is ah-mazing at finding bargains! So you ladies please check out my girl for budget fashion inspiration. 

Ladies, Valentines is right around the corner. If you are like me you might be wondering 'Uggh, this again?' Yes, I'm being salty because I have no Valentine but you know what? This curvy girl has never been let down by fashion! So I bring to you what I would wear IF I was celebrating. (Who am I kidding? 'Course I am!)

 Ladies listen up, don't fall asleep on Ashley Stewart! When I saw this top I had to have it! I LOVE the mosaic print. The off shoulder made it trendy but the buttons that stopped under my boobage with a nice slit made it sexy. I like when my outfit is modest and daring at the same time.

While this top is cute AF its not as curvy girl friendly as I would have liked. I bought this in a size 18 but would recommend sizing up. Only the neckline has stretch but the bust was a little snug. The back of the top is very long and would hit the floor on shorter girls (I'm 5'5"). The material is polyester and a little sheer so I would add a bandeau bra or top under for extra coverage and warmth.  

This is an absolutely gorgeous top for a Valentines date. Its also nice if you don't want to wear a dress or if you have a daytime date and you want to be more casual. I paired this with black jeans because I felt that it made the outfit look more dressy as opposed to dark denim. 

So that is it guys. Don't forget to check out Keke's post! She's absolutely gorgeous!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

How Ashley Stewart (And Global Warming) Answered My Need For Fall Wear

Fall and winter are my favorite times of the year. Living in a tropical country we do not experience these changes in the seasons. It's mostly hot, hot and even hotter with some rainstorms sprinkled in so we don't parch. As a plus size babe this makes everything at least 10x hotter. This also makes wearing anything that's not 100% cotton or a cotton blend feels like its melting on me. But the thing is guys, I love knitwear, fall/winter clothing and the likes! No chance to wear fall clothing here in Turks and Caicos and I've been fervently praying for a rainy day or a cold front to blast through. Thanks to (and unfortunately) global warming my prayers were answered! We've been experiencing a rather strong and persistent cold front so I was able to bust out this gorgeous dress from Ashley Stewart.

Oooooohh isn't it gorgeous? The print and colors are gorgeous and perfect for this time of year. The dress is a heavy knit dress and hits me right on the knee so it's perfect for a cold front day and for work. I got it in a 22  and paired it with red sandals from Ashley's as well. I feel so sexy in this dress. Its so fitted, showing off my 'lil piece a shape'. Hah! Thanks to Ashley Stewart and global warming (once again unfortunately)  your girl felt like a million bucks!

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Side note: As I am typing this its is rather rainy outside and I'm bummed because I'm sick and can't move and I have such a cute outfit perf for this weather. Also don't mind me, my health is more important than an ultra cute top that I'm dying (poor choice of words considering how I'm feeling) to show you. But enjoy these pictures of me when I was in good health. And if you are reading this and you live in a country where you're face hurts because its so cold, just know that someone,somewhere would love to changes places. 

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

My Blogging Goals For 2018

Happy New Year guys! Its 2018 YAY! I feel as if 2017 flew by so quickly. One minute I'm coaching my students through a debate in February next I'm getting over the devastation of two major hurricanes in October. Saying it was a rollercoaster year would be putting it mildly. 2017 was also my year to focus on my career, goals and plans for my future. I wasn't blogging as much some months and other months I was not blogging at all.

I love Januarys. The month comes with so much hope, goals and expectation for the new year. I was in the process of writing down my life goals for 2018 when it occurred to me that I haven't written down my blogging goals. I have so many things I wish to accomplish this year and having those goals written down some place not only gives me a virtual checklist, but it will hold me accountable. So today I want to talk about my blogging goals for 2018. I've never actually written down my blogging goa!s before and since 2018 is the year of major changes in my life I feel as if these goals are as important as ever.

Now that I have so much more time to blog I feel as if I can accomplished most if not all of my goals for this year. There are a lot of insecurities that comes with blogging and putting myself out there that I have to overcome but hey, new year new me right?

Here are my blogging goals for 2018:

~Find my blogging voice: I know this is probably clich├ęd but I feel as if I have so many voices when I am blogging. I realized that I am trying to imitate the voices of other bloggers and not use my own. I am working very hard on this in 2018.

~Share my life more: Guys, I live in Turks and Caicos. Why didn't I show you MORE of my life here? I am so sorry about that but I promise to take you along with me this year. In the mean time have a look at some photos of gorgeous beaches around the islands:

~Work on my blog. Like, really WORK on it: for two years I have been planning the move from Blogger to WordPress. Its SO daunting and I'm scared to actually do it. I never knew so much work actually go into the move. I also want to give my blog an updated look, something that reflects me as a person and the blogger. I am nervous about the ultimate change but this year is my 'insecurities aside' year so keep a look out for a new an improved UponMyCurves!

~Take better pictures: I suck at picture taking. You wouldn't even know that a few years before I began blogging I was a real photography enthusiast. Fast forward to 2014 and UponMyCurves is suffering because I forgot how to use a simple editing software. I am here blogging away and hoping my pictures look nice. Nope, no more of that! 2018 demands I take better pictures for my blog.

~Gain more readers, followers, subscribers etc.: Its been far too long for me to not be at the level I should be with my blog. I am currently working on this and hopefully by year end I will be.

~Host a Linky party: this is something I've always wanted to do on my blog. I have joined a few and they were fun but I want to host one of my own. Fingers crossed!

And that's it guys! My blogging goals for 2018 all written down. I am holding myself accountable here. I want the results so I have to put in the time and hard work. I didn't want to put 'blog more' or 'blog consistently' as one of my goals. Simply put, life happens. And while we all might have our posts schedule to the minute things just get in the way.

What are your 2018 goals?