Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Body Esteem Coach In The Making

Since the new year came in I began to realize the massive change I underwent in the last year. Through this blog I gained a profound appreciation for myself and in the way I present myself to the outside world.
I can't say that my style has evolved since my 'style' is actually a lot of styles together. I am talking about me as a person. I've evolved. I got amazingly better at a lot of things and I am quite proud of myself for living outside my comfort zone. I am no longer the unsure 20 something year old who at the back of her mind still cares about what others thought of her but a more comfortable in her skin, sticks and stones nor names can break her bones, body positive young woman.
 I've always wanted to work with teenagers. I believe that the future for them starts now and that means instilling the necessary tools they're going need and the most important one of those tools confidence. I want to start workshops and seminars and since starting my new job of English Literature teacher I am in the process of spreading awareness of body positivity and being a self esteem coach for the young people of my society. From my new position as a teacher of English I can spread the message along quite quickly by simply integrating it in a lesson. Even with the subtle ways I'm going about it the students are showing a positive response. I even saw a young girl doodling positive affirmations in her notebook -the same ones I have them say!
All in all I think I might become the body positive coach I aspire to be someday. I think I'm going in the right direction right?

What are some of the things you're doing to spread awareness of body positivity?