Sunday, June 14, 2015

Red Velvet...Cake

Do you ever feel like you need an excuse to wear something? Or do something? Yeah, me too. I hate and love it because sometimes you'll be thrilled to finally wear that dress, or pants, or shoes and it'll feel like heaven once you have it on. Now you finally have the opportunity to show the world that little extra piece of sexiness you had tuck away for a rainy day.

Before I never like how red looked next to my skin looked. I felt like it made me look drained (probably just me y'know...) so I shied away from it a while but then this outfit came along and I fell in love with red! I learn to break it up some with a lighter color piece and to try play around with different shades in accessories.

This skirt is made from a stretchy velvet-like material with a sheer panel just above the hem. Its from Boohoo and in a UK20. The shirt is from Primark and I wore the pink version in this post. My head scarf is one of many I've diligently thrifted over the years along with the clip on earrings and necklace and bag. I borrowed my shoes from my mother (and by borrowed I once again mean took. She still don't know)

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