Friday, March 6, 2015

Just doing Me

As plus size women we're probably constantly thinking about our clothing. The conversation might usually be about whether a certain item of clothing looks good on us or not, or it if flatters our shape/body. At times this can become frustrating because there might be an insanely cute dress/pants that we absolutely must have but...its too short or its sleeveless, too fitting. I totally get it. Although I am very body positive, I kinda sorta still have a love hate relationship with my legs and often times feel uncomfortable if something is too short (too short for me is something 3 inches above knee without tights). This mindset has hindered me from wearing what I want numerous times because I had always thought that people would be disgusted by my legs.

But no more.

I am shutting the naysayers- who probably lived in my head -up and living and wearing how and what I want. So with that I donned a miniskirt on a particularly rough day. Believe it or nay it actually helped to do something out of my comfort zone. No one ran after me with pitchforks screaming 'Your clothes is too short! Too revealing' nor had they given me any side eyes or snickered behind hands. I'm kinda guessing some of our body hang ups are all in our heads and breaking the mold is kinda what we might need. If someone got something to say then hey, you're wearing what you want, you look fantabulous and the naysayers can go walk on hot coals or something. Or something.

Top- Papaya (similar)| Skirt- Newlook| Shoes- Primark (similar)| Lips- Pixi Lip Balm in Ripe Raspberry

Note: The skirt is actually back to front. I liked wearing the zipper in the front.

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  1. Enjoying the confidence pouring out of this post. Outfit is absolutely gorgeous as well.


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