Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Wishlist: Memories Boutique Newbridge eShe Necklaces

Summer is almost here! I am looking for my summer jewelry from now since I want to be partying for most of summer and not have to think about my outfits. Memories Boutique have a lot of really cute necklaces in their Newbridge eShe Collection that I thought are so pretty and would look nice with a few maxi dresses. They are on the pricier side though if you are on a tight budget (like me!). I can't seem to stop looking at their website so I thought I would add some of my favorites here as a part of my summer wishlist.

Let me know which ones you like!

     Newbridge eShe Three Toned Necklace                                           Newbridge eShe Silver Floral Statement Necklace

        Newbridge eShe Silver Leaf Necklace                                                      Newbridge eShe Golden Torc Necklace

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