Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Struggles of Being A 20+ Teacher To Precocious Teenagers

Have you ever had the feeling that kids nowadays are so different from when you were growing up?. If you had then you are  a member of the 'nostalgist' club. This is no bad thing but what is bad is how we put our experiences and expectations on a generation that have no idea where we're coming from. I said that because, after being asked for the hundredth time in three weeks if I play games, I've literally grown tired of having to explain how a 20+ English teacher knows the difference between an Xbox and the Nokia game Snake. Now, I've occasionally described myself as a millennial and through this description I have experienced of a lot of the old ways and the 'new'. I've seen the end of a governmental party and the beginning of one. I lived through the aftermath of 9/11 and the war that ensued afterwards. My point is that often times younger people assume because of my age I either don't know or I don't care about what they are experiencing. But I do. Aside from whipping out the old non existent picture book and showing them Miss Robinson isn't really that old, I'm stuck for choices on how to deal with the matter.


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