Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Deep Blue Swimsuit

 Oh lord, here we go. The legs are out. I can't breathe and I'm breaking out just typing this post but you know that thing about comfort zones and getting out of them, right? Well, yup, that's what I'm doing here. I've decided to use this platform for good and I deem having a positive outlook on your body and life a good thing. Doing this scares the hell out of me. My legs are my 'problem' area and I've always sought to keep them covered. But the way things have been going in my life right I need something to root me to the present. And nothing does that better than shattering your comfort zone. Maybe I'll get positive feedback, maybe negative, hell no one might even see this but here I am. Your body-pos fairy giving you a healthy dose of thick thigh love.

This salon I'm sitting right now is unnaturally empty and that is making me uncomfortable but not as uncomfortable as showing the (world) me in a (partially ill-fitting albeit gorgeous) swimsuit.
The fringe has got to be my favorite part. It covers some of my tums and provides an interesting design to the top. Want to know what I find funny and disconcerting? I live in a tropical country with beaches undone-able but finding a swimsuit is akin to finding a needle in a needle mountain. Thete is none! Much worst there are no plus size ones! It took me three months to find one that's both cute, affordable and fits. Three months!! *sighs*
Anyway I love it.
My first time wearing a swimsuit and I freaking love it.

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