Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Body Esteem Coach In The Making

Since the new year came in I began to realize the massive change I underwent in the last year. Through this blog I gained a profound appreciation for myself and in the way I present myself to the outside world.
I can't say that my style has evolved since my 'style' is actually a lot of styles together. I am talking about me as a person. I've evolved. I got amazingly better at a lot of things and I am quite proud of myself for living outside my comfort zone. I am no longer the unsure 20 something year old who at the back of her mind still cares about what others thought of her but a more comfortable in her skin, sticks and stones nor names can break her bones, body positive young woman.
 I've always wanted to work with teenagers. I believe that the future for them starts now and that means instilling the necessary tools they're going need and the most important one of those tools confidence. I want to start workshops and seminars and since starting my new job of English Literature teacher I am in the process of spreading awareness of body positivity and being a self esteem coach for the young people of my society. From my new position as a teacher of English I can spread the message along quite quickly by simply integrating it in a lesson. Even with the subtle ways I'm going about it the students are showing a positive response. I even saw a young girl doodling positive affirmations in her notebook -the same ones I have them say!
All in all I think I might become the body positive coach I aspire to be someday. I think I'm going in the right direction right?

What are some of the things you're doing to spread awareness of body positivity?


  1. Love that you are spreading the message of acceptance! Took me a long time to be OK with me. Hopefully you can ensure other get there sooner!

    1. Thank you for your comment! I am trying my best hopefully I get through to them!

  2. Love that you are spreading the message of acceptance. It took me a while to be OK with 'me'. Hope you can help others get there sooner!


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