Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Top 5 Fave Reads For Summer

It's probably no secret that I love to read but to be honest I am as picky as the next person when it comes to books. I love books that are truly interesting without being pretentious and books that combine and cross genres. I feel like it gives them more depth and it keeps the reader engaged for longer (think romantic suspense/comedy thriller) Recommending authors (more like virtually screaming) is something I always do on my Facebook mainly with Sherrilyn Kenyon or J.R Ward but I am sure by now my friends are tired of me. But I can't help it, I just love these guys too much! Without further ado I am moving my virtual screaming to my blog so here goes my top five fave summer reads.


 Oh boy! This is my ultimate fan favorite. If you are familiar with the TV show Castle you probably know about Nikki Heat. She is a character in the series of the same name by Richard Castle who is a character in the show, What I love most about this book is the fact that it is from the show. You have no idea how much having this book means to me. A huge thank you to the worlds best friend for this ah-mazing Christmas pressie! As you can see from the cover this is a crime thriller and as most crime-thrillers it is packed full of action. The characters, based on characters from the show, are so inviting and unique that you are hard-pressed to put it down. However I feel like the action is a bit played down for my taste but it is still very, very good. 4 Curvy Stars!

Not for the faint of heart or diehard Grimm Brothers fans. Angela Carter brings you an alternative look at the popular Grimm Brothers fairy tales with her unique spin. And by unique I mean OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL! She gives a very distinctive feminist version of the fairy tales with stories  like 'The Husband Who Mind The House' and The Woman Who Married Her Son's Wife' and this makes for a very interesting read. I originally read The Bloody Chamber' by her and I was giddy with glee at her version of Red Riding Hood. Needless to say I am hooked and this book has kept my summer very interesting. 5 Curvy Stars!

You would never find me with a book list and the goddess of making people cry isn't on it. What more can I say about Sherrilyn Kenyon other than GO AND READ HER BOOKS! I've never came across an author like her and this makes her books very refreshing. Her writing style is both intense and revitalizing at the same time. This particular book is from her Dark Hunter Series and it is amazing! I haven't finished it yet but the part I've reached had left me breathless. Ash is the hottie to surpass all hotties!  Five Million Curvy Stars! (Sorry I'm biased. Also keep some tissues handy when you begin this series. You'll need it)

The thriller to keep you up at night and ruin your life. You will never put this down because the need to know what happened will surpass the very intense need to sleep...or go to the toilet.

Last but definitely NOT least is my momma The Warden writing as Jessica Bird. The Queen of Vampires, the creator of The Scribe Virgin herself took a break from making men and women hearts palpitate over uber hot vampires to bring you a bit more closer to home. This is what I would describe as a romantic suspense and she does it really well. Now, I am used to the Black Dagger Brotherhood and this is the first book I've read that shes written outside of the series, but I have to say I like this change. Her writing style stayed the same in my opinion but she delivered it in such a way that you wouldn't miss the shitkickers and daggers. From me Mrs. Bird 2 Million Curvy Stars (Once again I am biased)

So here conclude my Top 5 Fave Reads for Summer. Have you read any of these books? If you have leave in the comments along with your fave summer books!

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  1. Great personal reviews of these books. I am a huge fan of Angela Carter and Castle, so I will definitely be reading those two. Keep up the great work with your blog :)

  2. Great personal reviews of these books. I am a huge fan of Angela Carter and Castle, so I will definitely be reading those two. Keep up the great work with your blog :)


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