Monday, August 24, 2015

Fan Shoutout!

Words cannot describe the intense feeling of amazement, happiness and gratitude I get when someone says they like my blog. I mean, when someone says that they are feeling more comfortable with themselves because I inspired them is the greatest thing ever! Its what I'm all about. It's why I have this little space on the internet. I know all to well feeling that you're not good enough or that you're less than for what ever reason and having the ability to help someone feel better about's just amazing! 

I decided to do a fan shout out of Ann. She was so inspired by my blog that she wanted me to make a post of her outfit and to create a blog of her own (I finally found someone nearby that loves to dress up and take pictures as much as I do). It was a bit chilly so she decided to wear her blue and white jumper from Everything 5 Pounds. She paired it with white linen pants and silver sandals.

So without further ado here she is, my newest fan!

Top: Everything 5 Pounds| Pants: Adam Levine Linen Pants in White| Lipstick: Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Dazzle

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