Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Caribbean Food Week!


IT IS HERE! The week I've been waiting for: Caribbean Food Week! I am so excited for this week because it means a  whole week of cooking and enjoying food from back home. The amazing people from Grace Foods has helped me by supplying the vital ingredients for the dishes made.

Caribbean Food Week is the time for everyone to make and enjoy the foods that are normally eaten in the Caribbean. Organized by Grace Foods UK, the UK'S number one supplier of Caribbean food and drink, this week presents the perfect opportunity to enjoy a taste of the Caribbean. The week runs from August 24-31 and will be celebrated with a national sampling campaign at locations across the UK, in store promotional offers and a social media campaign, giving Caribbean food fans the chance to win carnival themed prizes and products to try their hand at Caribbean cuisine. You can also visit the Grace Foods store for more products for your dishes.

Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury and Tesco stores across the UK will run promotional offers on Caribbean products such as coconut milk (yum!), spices, Aloe Vera drinks and so much more so don't be late in getting yours!

As you know I am originally from the Turks and Caicos so having foods from back home is a must for me. We use a lot of Grace Foods products in our dishes namely the coconut milk for our infamous peas and rice and corned beef for 'fire engine', a dish made from fluffy white rice with corned beef on the side and for a widely loved snack called 'pastalitas'. Below are some of the dishes my cousin and I made so far and from how this week is looking we're planning on cooking so much more!

First for lunch was fried chicken and pastalitas made with a spicy fry mix It was spiced even more with the hottest hot sauce I've ever had from Grace Foods! You can find the recipe for pastalitas here.

Very spicy baked jerk chicken made with Dunns River Jamaican Jerk seasoning. This dish was very spicy so if you're going for a milder flavor I'd suggest using very little or mix the seasoning with one of your other favorite sauces.

And a classic and scrumptious Turks and Caicos Sunday dinner of crab and rice, fried plantains, potato salad, BBQ pork chops and baked chicken with callaloo. A very refreshing drink was made with pineapple juice, Aloe Vera juice, cranberry juice and coconut water.

That's all for now guys! Don't forget to follow Grace Foods and Caribbean Food Week on Twitter: @caribbeanfoodwk and Facebook: www.facebook.com/caribbeanfoodweek  for updates, ideas and competitions. Cook, eat and enjoy Caribbean Food Week, I know I sure will!!

I was given these products to review by Grace Foods. All opinions remain my own. 

Also the biggest thanks to my cousin for helping me!

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