Sunday, March 8, 2015

Top 6 Tips For Shopping On Bargain Sites

(Warning: Very wordy post!...And you probably heard this before.)

Contrary to (personal) belief there is, in fact, a way to budget out your spending so you don't go overboard on bargain sites. I am quite guilty of overspending especially when I see something I like (that is in my size). I always felt the need to snatch it up before it sells out. With that came low funds and being stuck with a lot of clothing/accessories that I don't want or need and a load of clothing that I can't wear just yet. After being in this rut for sometime I came up with a few ways to possibly help with budgeting when buying from bargain sites.
  1.  Set a Monthly Spending Limit. 
 This is just like you would budget for your household with groceries and bills etc. Set an amount that you would feel comfortable spending. Sure you don't know what the stock will be but with a spending limit you can assure yourself you'll only get what you really want and not buy things impulsively.

   2. Shop For The Season

This can be a tricky one. Usually bargain sites such as Everything 5 Pounds and LessThan10Pounds have clothing for all seasons almost year round. But the majority of the stock will consist of clothing for the present season. One thing I do is to try and buy clothing for the upcoming season months before. This help with actually getting the pieces I want and not have to try and beat the rush.

     3. Question Yourself

If you're shopping for the season take a good look at your closet. Here are a few questions to ponder: So the winter/summer is coming up and you know the site will be putting out their winter (or summer) clothing soon what do you really need? A new coat? New jumpers/sweaters/cardigans? How about shoes? Dresses for summer? Shoes for summer?

After careful thought write down what you really want/need and your spending limit, the sites you're shopping from and their stock arrival dates (E5P gives you a heads up on their Facebook the night before). You'll have a great idea as to what you need and the possibility of straying is almost next to none. (I swear sometimes you'll just NEED that mint colored jumper!)

   4. Buying

Now comes the time to buy. There is no advice to buying I can give but get what you want/need. The quality of the clothing is a mystery since they come from many different retailers and you won't know whom until you receive the product. If you are not in favor with what you got and know the returning policy then return it. .

  5. Losing Out

They are bargain sites after all and some are on a first come first serve basis. However the next thing to do is to shop around. There are loads other bargain sites out there with a different price range. Sometimes they might get some of their stock from other bargain sites and you could find something you missed out on there.

   6. Have Fun!

I know it may seem hard at first when you're first introduced to a bargain site. It all seems too good to be true. You see all the amazing things for dirt cheap and you just wanna go 'Here take my money!' I've been there and my bank account suffered as a result. The point is to have fun, you're shopping after all.


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