Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Black Pleather Skirt

Top- Papaya (thrifted) | Skirt- Find here | Shoes- E5P (sold out)| Jewels- gifted

Although I got stood up I'm all kinds of feeling myself. Had a hot date that cancelled and since I was dolled up I decided to make a post instead to document how cute I thought I was. Also I wanted to show you guys this skirt I got from Ebay. This skirt? Too small. Was suppose to be a 20/22 feels like an 18. Fits OK...ish. Its a great skirt and its stretchy so I kinda made it work and with the lovely help of smoothing undergarments (thanks Spanx!) I came up with this look. I like that its peplum so it hid some premenstrual tummy woes and I like the grungy look the skirt brought to the outfit. The top was a thrift impulse buy and although I am still prone to them I had to find a way to actually use it. Its a soft purple-pinkish jumper that's both thin enough for coolness and thick enough for warmth.

Lets talk length. This skirt was what prompted my post about the dos and don'ts of Ebay shopping for plus size women. I did not carefully check the size chart and since I am a 20/22 in skirts I just went with that size (Why, Trisha?) The size of the skirt I can make work cos' fitted is nice right? But some girls might not like SO much leg showing. (And that's ^ a lotta leg. A whole lotta decadent, scrumptious leg). I'm kinda fine with it. I just added tights and was cool. Thing is I could've returned it. But the thing thing is returning is kinda a hassle for me and I usually forget and end up with stuff that I don't really want (prompt closet sale).
Moral-  no wait the morals of this story are to one, check the sizing at all times, don't wing it and two, returning is good. Returning is nice. I'll do well to remember that. I hope.

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