Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Purple, EveryWhere!

Dress- Dorothy Perkins (similar) Tights- Primark Shoes-Gifted Bracelet- Thrifted
In conjunction with Ladies Day I was asked to create an outfit that I would wear to the Cheltenham races on March 11th. The main idea is to create a colourful outfit and there in lie the challenge: I don't have many colourful clothes! But after careful thought (and running around my house panicking) I came up with a look that I really like. Although there isn't a dress code, when I think of horse races I think elegance and large fancy hats so I decided on a formal-ish look. Keeping in the theme of colour I chose this purple pencil dress from Dorothy Perkins I got on sale a few months ago. (Also note to self get a large fancy hat if only to tame flyaway hair)

I chose this cutie pie to complete the look.They were a gift from a friend and it was advised to not attempt to walk great distances in them. Duly noted friend, duly noted.

 It was fun to do this post and if I learn anything from doing it is that I need to add more colour to my wardrobe and to experiment with purple a whole lot more. Thanks for reading!

You should participate also! #ColourMeMarch

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