Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fave Author Appreciation Post (Part 1)

OK, fan-girl time. 

One of my favorite authors new book is coming out in a few days and I can't even express how excited I am for it! For those of you who haven't heard about J.R Ward before she is a New York Times bestselling author of the incredibly successful series Black Dagger Brotherhood and The Fallen Angels. These series are the absolute best! Trust me I am hella picky with what I read and most of the genres I read are either in the spectrum of paranormal or its crime with all the sub-genre goodies in between. These series are paranormal romance/suspense at its best and is well loved by critics and Wardens the world over.

The best of the two (although its hard to choose and they both are superb) in my opinion is the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Set in Caldwell, New York it is about a group of warrior vampires, Wrath | Rhage | Zsadist | Phury | Vishous | Tohrment, that are defending their race from eradication by the enemy called lessers which is, in my opinion, a cross between a zombie and a demon, all the while dealing with their own personal problems on top of falling in love. Although the group is highly exclusive others are carefully welcomed and this is shown through the different points of views of the characters and the other characters they come into contact with. Like any good series these books have a lot of recurring characters and this makes for a good preview to the next book although you often have no idea who the next book is going to be about. The characters are fairly diverse and each brings a new element to the story and each story differs from the other and is unique in writing style. Also this series is seriously 18+ ( J.R isn't just a little bit raunchy, wink-wink)

The new novel is coming out on March 31st and is called The Shadows and it is about recurring characters Trez and iAm, two brothers who are the epitome of bad-assery. Like if bad ass came with a package they'd be the wrapping. The definition for bad ass have their face next to it. If bad get my point. I am really excited for this book. Set in Caldwell, New York as the others this is looking to be one of my faves.

The Fallen Angels series is about an ex black-ops soldier who died and became an angel whose mission is to save seven souls from the seven deadly sins. (Cool huh?) Well the kicker is he also have to fight an extremely vicious demon name Devina whilst helping the soul he's trying to save. Did I mention he works for God? The books differ from each other character wise although the minor characters tend to recur from book to book. Like the BDB series this is a bit ( I mean a lot) raunchy and is intended for a mature audience.

Disclaimer: These books are highly heart wrenching. You will cry. You will laugh and a lot of WTF's might be flying around at some point. Also I am not responsible if you fall passionately, irrevocably and completely in love with Rhage, Z, V and Veck. OK? Now go and read. 
Go on!

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