Sunday, February 15, 2015

My short response to: 'Are Big Girls too “Picky”? by CeCe from PlusSizePrincess

"Over time I realized that waiting until I reached to a certain weight to buy nice clothes is a form of body shaming myself."

This is a line in a post by CeCe from PlusSizePrincess (read it here) that I want to talk about for a bit. The post talked about the very false notion that plus size women don't shop. As we fashionistas all know this isn't true. There wouldn't be so many plus size fashion bloggers if it were. The response to the boycotting of Target by blogger Chastity from GarnerStyle is a clear indicator that plus size women do indeed buy clothing. I mean why else boycott an influential clothing retailer, right? But the post also touched on body image and body shaming as factors in the reasons why it might be seen that plus size women don't buy clothing. I agree with the statement above since I myself was victim of this kind of thinking. Before I would create secret boards on Pinterest of clothing I could/would wear if I was 100 pounds lighter. The problem is, and like CeCe pointed out, that its kinda detrimental to do/think this if you're not going to actually lose the weight. Putting off buying something is just as bad as actually spending the money and having it in your closet but not being able to wear it. Everyone deserves to wear beautiful clothing despite your current weight. If there is a nice dress in the store you like and its in your size the best thing would be to buy the dress and wear it. You never know what will happen. The dress might be gone when you go back later or worst it might be discontinued. And if and when you do lose weight you'll still get to wear the lovely dress, just take it to the tailor!

After realizing that I was only hurting myself I began to just buy the clothing I liked and wanted (granted my bank account allows it). The problem I now face is having so much clothing that I don't wear which in itself is still bad but it isn't forgoing something I like because I'm not where I want to be body wise. At some point I'll get around to wearing it and it'll be there. So girl go and buy those clothes and wear the hell outta them. Walk with your head held high, swing those sexy hips and slay anyone who tells you you don't look nice. 

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