Monday, February 23, 2015

Ebay Shopper:Tips and Shops

I am sure you guys are familiar with shopping on Ebay. Although it can be a hit and miss its also where I do most of my shopping. With the added bonus of PayPal's buying security Ebay is my favourite one stop shop. Its like my Google for stuff I find EVERYTHING there...including clothing. As you may well know Ebay is a great place to find one-of-a-kind clothing.

If you're the kind to spend hours browsing sites and haven't tried Ebay for plus size clothing before now is a good time. With the recent boom in plus size fashion it has become an even better spot to find plus size clothing. Although it might seem easy, there are a few cautions to be taken. To make it easier I have listed a few do's and don't to help.

1. Do: Always choose stores that are reputable

This one goes without saying of course. Look for the stars, the feedback and probably most important: read the reviews!


 Just like any other site these little snippets are a great way to find out more about a piece you are not sure about.

2. Don't: Wing it

If it says plus size don't take their word for it check their sizing charts. Just like any other shop this can help with knowing exactly what you're buying. I have fallen into this trap one time too many and had the ill fitting size 20 too many times to mention. Sometimes the retailer might show that their shop is situated in YOUR country but their clothing might come from another country with major clothing size differences e.g China. So check and check again. Contact the seller for exact measurements if you're still not sure.

3. Do: State what you're looking for

I hate sounding like I'm preaching to the choir but when shopping on Ebay for plus sizes state exactly what you're looking for. This can be done by style or type of clothing, even color just be hella specific. For the purpose of an example we'll use peplum. Its much easier to find the article of clothing in the specific style you want by simply stating the style. This gives you more hits and you'll have a better chance of finding what you want.
You'll get all of the items listed with a peplum style and from there you can narrow it down. There are two ways to do this. You can either type in peplum and the size you're looking for

or you can with a specific search with Ebay's 'see all' option.This gives you the opportunity to target specific things like where you want your search to include and how far and what item you're looking for e.g dress, top and most importantly the size.

Now that you have the hang of finding what you're looking for let me help you out with a few sellers that I have bought from.

    • Rough and Tough Wear-Don't let the name be off putting. I have bought a few stylish jeans from here although I would suggest sizing up for comfort.
    • ran1210- Really good place for men clothing and to find that perfect flannel shirt that won't cost the universe. Also great for ladies who want to find nice clothing and a nice flannel shirt that won't cost the universe..also.
    • curvilicious11- Amazing shop for bargain plus items! The size and clothing options are great too (goes up to size 32) and although the sizing can be off just utilize tip two and you'll be fine.
Happy Shopping!


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