Wednesday, November 23, 2016

From Dusk Til'...

Hello lovelies! I'm back again with an overdue post. I wanted to show you guys this dress for a while  and now I finally have the chance. This is a beautiful, dusky pink dress from ASOS Curve. It is so flowy and goes well with my favorite sandals from New Look. This dress is perfect for all shapes and I love it so much! Its actually off-the-shoulder but I find the style to be very cumbersome at times so I wore it...on-the-shoulder...right.


It's in a size UK 24/US 20 and is so comfortable and the material is very soft. I could have sized down to my usual size 22 as the dress came bigger than I expected but I used a belt to give it some shape. At this size it's loose, flowy design skims over my body beautifully.

It's still very warm here in Turks so this dress is comfortable enough for day wear but is heavy enough for chilly nights if worn with leggings or tights. A true dusk til' dawn dress.

I should also note that this dress, albeit a heavyish jersey material, held up well for my days activities. I took my pics after leaving the beach. Usually I find certain brands clothing to fade a bit after being in the sun and salt for a while but this dress is still has its vibrant color.

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