Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Soiree, guys...

Hiiiiiii!!! I'm back! If you haven't noticed (or you have) I've been away for a while (again). Sorry about the gaps but now I am back to blogging as much as I can. I am so happy with the extra sun time we're having in Worcester and thought I might as well use the garden while it lasts. Hehe!

I attended a little soiree for a friend of a friend of a friend a few days ago and I had a great time (only spilled a drink on myself one and a half times). I wore this cute tunic top/shirt dress I got from F&F a while back. Imagine the surprised faces when I told my friends where it was from (hehe). Its good quality and the length is probably what I liked most about it, mostly because it covers my hips, along with the print. Underneath I'm wearing a control dress (yup lingerie as a dress) which had the added benefits of smoothing and coverage.

My sandals killed me though. Although they are not very high it still hurt like all hell to wear them for long periods and silly me forgot to bring flats. But they were so cute!!

Top-F&F| Control Dress-Thrifted (similar) | Sandals-E5P| Belt-Newlook

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