Friday, March 27, 2015

Male Body Positivity

The male body positive movement is something that isn't talk of a lot. Some might think that it might not exist or that men don't have body issues, at least compared to women. Well, in the case of the recent video by YouTuber Matt Diaz that isn't true. Men may not face the same exact struggle women do but when it comes to their bodies the struggle is still there. It might or might not be to the scale of that of women but the media do portray idealistic body types for men which is at most times unachievable. Men tend to get overlooked when it comes to body positive ads and articles unless it is specifically about them. For Matt Diaz to show his body after losing almost 300 pounds is in itself a deep look into male body positivity and the great lack of it. His bravery might have opened up bigger discussions about the way men view their bodies and their struggles and how much it affects them as well as how to further advocate this and help others struggling with positivity.

Video from Vanquish Frontier

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