Friday, November 14, 2014

Favourite Fashion Icons

Fashion icons are the basis for style for most fashion forward women. Whether it be a movie or movie character or celebrity, it or they undeniably influenced that person in their unique, personal style. Nowadays most women tend to look towards fashion bloggers for their style influences. I myself have scoured many blogs to find ones that represent my style as a plus size woman. Trust me there are A LOT of plus size blogs and every single one caters to someone's tastes. Here is a list of some of my favourite bloggers and major style inspirations.

This blog is my life. I live and breathe this blog. I've never missed a day without looking at the amazing and beautiful outfits Chastity Garner come up with and trust me, every one will blow your mind! Her style is very chic and feminine with classic romantic elements. She often times pulls her inspiration from celebrities and recreates their looks to perfection.
Girl With Curves is a plus size blog run by Tanesha Ashwati and it is simply amazing! Her style and clothing are so gorgeous that you will have to hide your credit card as to not buy them all.
Gabi's fresh, feminine, sporty street style is everything! She's is very cool and effortless in her looks and style. I tend to lean towards this style a little more. Gabi makes every outfit look like she's ready to walk a runway with so much attitude and sass.
I love this girl so much! She is so gorgeous and chic! Her style is so effortless and risque and cute and sweet that you'll just fall in love with one pic. She surpasses all boundaries placed on plus size women and take them to a whole other level.

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